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Pataka stereo

A French style stereo of a Pataka ( traditional Maori food storage house). Though I’ve had the stereo attachment for my sixth plate camera since I had it made, this is the first successful stereo I’ve taken. It is housed in one of my passe partout with the reverse painted cover glass and when viewed through a stereo viewer, the effect is quite pleasing. Stereo is really double the trouble, I only have one mercury pot and with 12 minute development times, I had to keep one plate in a cold pack post exposure to combat the latent image fading. Also getting two daguerreotypes to look remotely similar in terms of tone is a task in itself.
To exacerbate the stereo effect I shifted the focus from foreground to background in between exposures. The other day I shot this scene but was busy doing this and fending of tourists that I forgot to shift the camera on the stereo attachment – no inter-ocular separation, no stereo effect! I kept one of the plates though and when its in a passe partout will post it here also. Click on the image to enlarge.


Also here is a image of the scene..

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