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New plates

I have added two new quarter plate daguerreotypes to the latest gallery on the daguerreotypes page. The portrait is of my Te Reo Kaiako (Maori language teacher) and it is very, very probably the first daguerreotype portrait of Maori in 150 years. She is wearing her Korowai (feather cloak) with a bone carving hair piece and a pounamu (NZ greenstone) pendant.
The other image is of the other carved figure in the Waharoa (gateway) that I have been daguerreotyping lately. I continue to be amazed at the technical quality of this plate (the video below illustrates it best), I seem to have finally got a lot of issues worked out in making mercurial daguerreotypes. This plate is available for sale in the online store.

KaiakoWaharoa II