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My hand in daguerreian history

Haven’t had as much time for much plate making this year as I am heavily involved with one of my better ideas – the ImageObject exhibit and symposium. The idea got mooted after a chance meeting with the Director of the Center for Alternative Photography in NYC, back in in 2011.

It has been an enormous amount of work behind the scenes to make it happen and there is still more to come and my involvement is all unpaid work. It will be worth it though, a wider appreciation of daguerreian art means more of it will be sold at market and thats what all daguerreotypists need. I travel to NYC to install the show near the end of March and will be speaking at the symposium on my maori portraits subject.

Its an annual event and the promotional image for the show in future years will be the best in show from the previous year. For this inaugural show though we opted for a Jerry Spagnoli daguerreotype, part of a triptych he made of me in 2001 and the cover of his Steidl monograph. Hence the title of this post.