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National Library of NZ visit

Recently I visited the first collecting institution I ever worked for – the Alexander Turnbull Library within the National Library of New Zealand. I met with Staff from the Photographic Archive section and the Photograph conservators to talk about cased images in the collection from my perspective of a casemaker and daguerreotypist.

Back in 1992 and I worked retrieving and refiling negatives and file prints and work as a assistant to the photo conservator Mark Strange, cleaning 500 nitrate panorama negatives in the RP Moore collection. Being back in the very room 20 years on was a nice trip back in time, on a tour of the latest incarnation of the cool storage vault I even saw one of my old negative refiling boxes.

My casemaking work grew out of this time and latter when at National Archives of NZ, an introduction to conservation tools and materials and working to make enclosures around photographic formats – Image Objects no less!

My next post will be about the latest incarnation of that work – a project that has consumed me this year – the CasedImage Mercury pot. It is ultimate original photographic enclosure and the design I have come up with brings together a lot of experience from 20 years ago till now.