A interest in photographs that lead to a career in managing photographic collections within museums and archives, in turn lead to a fascination with the processes of photography. Whilst studying at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, these pursuits led me to Daguerreotypy.

This focus on the Daguerreotype object extended to authentically reproducing the traditional enclosures of the daguerreotype; leather covered wooden cases and reverse painted cover glasses for passe partout. Since 1999 I have been known internationally as the premier maker of traditional daguerreotype enclosures, I have taught workshops to photo, book and paper conservators and made custom cases for museums, galleries and collectors internationally.

This was the foundation to my original goal – of being both daguerreotypist artist and artisan. Both the production processes of the image and its presentation are laborious, intricate and prone to failure of intention. With Daguerreotypes each silver coated copper plate must be brought to a state of high mirror like polish from its mat and opaque condition from its foundry production. Sensitsed to light with elemental iodine and bromine, the image exposed in camera is devleoped over heated mercury to reveal the latent image. The emulsion less image sits directly on the surface of the metal sheet and to protect this fragility is sealed behind glass in the leather covered wooden case.

I am also a founding co-editor of Cdags.org the international community website for contemporary daguerreotypists and founder of ImageObject.com, an exhibition for contemporary daguerreotypists internationally held at the Center for Alternative Photography in NYC around the time of the AIPAD show.

Contact (email): alan(at)casedimage.com

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