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Camera completed

My whole plate camera is finished and is ready to go into plate production. I have a landscape as well as a portrait lens and the darkslides which shoot whole plate vertical or horizontal have reduction frames for half plate.

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Body complete

My camera maker has completed the main work on the body of my Grand Photographe, next is the dark slides.

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Whole plate movements

Construction has begun on my next camera. A reproduction of the Chevalier “Grande Photographie” folding whole plate camera design (see image of vintage examples) but carrying a Voigtlander petzval lens. It is part of my long term goal of having … Continue reading

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Fixing Focus

A problem with taking portraits used to be keeping focus while taking the lens cap on and off. A problem no longer – having access to a good engineer who doesn’t mind small jobs is priceless. The extra piece of … Continue reading