Daguerreotype Mercury Pots


Mercury pot with P.I.D. digital controller for developing daguerreotypes.

-½ pl. or 8×10 inch maximum format models
-Stainless steel construction with a static stand
-Electric heating system (240 or 120 volt models)
-Digital PID temperature controller configured for the local voltage supply and with the appropriate mains plug
-Two detachable heat elements
-Platinum resistance temperature sensor
-Metal braided sheathing to cables
-Cable connectors with storage clasps on the side wall
-Static open stand allowing non electrical heating
-Compact design for storage/handling
-Sealed UHMWPE dark slide enclosure with a s. steel top plate
-Secured stainless steel dark slides with folding pulls
-Neoprene gasket seal between the enclosure and the pot
-Clear acrylic walls to buffer fume hood cold air flow around the heat elements

Sold separately:
– Battery powered temperature display (for non electrical heating)
– Format reduction frames

Cost (including shipping)

Half plate Pot = US$2550
8 x 10″ Format pot = US$3300

Made on order – orders commenced from receipt of payment or 50% deposit, the remainder due when the unit is completed and ready to ship.

Owners Manual;
A4 format
US Letter format

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